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GraphicsGale Translations

GraphicsGale supports only Japanese and English officially, but the version 2.x has supported external language files.
We expect you to translate in other language.
  • If you are making translation, tell us. We will publish the state of your work at this page.
  • If you made a translation, send us its text file and tell us your name as a translator. We will publish it at this page.

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Current Translations

Language Translator Contents Download
Polish Marek Olczak Interface Oct. 11 2013
Simplified Chinese Popeyes ~ XU Interface Dec. 18 2016
Simplified Chinese Madman[MadCN] Interface and Help Feb. 21 2012
German Heinrich Weihrauch Interface Dec. 8 2009
Spanish Marcos Martín Pozo Delgado Interface Jul. 7 2012
Korean Nam Pro Interface Aug. 23 2012
French Cellulo www.flat2d.com Interface and Help Mar. 18 2018
French Druz Interface Nov. 22 2014
Russian Boomer Interface Sep. 19 2015
Brazilian Portuguese Hikari Kyuubi Interface Feb. 7 2016
Galician Javier Míguez Lalín Interface Feb. 22 2017
Italian Riccardo Pilloni Interface Aug. 6 2020

  • Move a txt file into 'lang' directory.
  • Move a chm file into GraphicsGale directory.

How to make translation of interface

  • Copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\GraphicsGale\Lang\English.txt" to the new file for your translation.
  • Don't change words in brackets, for example [Lang] [Common].
  • Translate the word after equal symbol, for example:
    Cancel=Cancel --> Cancel=Cancelar
  • & symbol is accelerator key, for example:
    &About --> About
  • %d means variable integer, for example:
    %d colors in clipboard --> 32 colors in clipboard
  • %s means variable character string, for example:
    Please specify "%s". --> Please specify "Name".
  • \n means a line feed.
  • [Lang] section is for setting of the translation.
    • ID : Specify a unique number. (We check it before publishing.)
    • Caption : Specify a language name. You may add your signature, for example:
      Caption=Spanish (by Mike)
    • Help : Specify a help filename.
    • ProportionalFont : Specify a name of the proportional font for the interface.
    • FixedFont : Specify a name of the fixed pitch font for the interface.
    • FontSize : Specify a size of the font for the interface.

How to make HTML help

  • Translate html files of the following zip file by HTML editor or text editor.
  • Compile HTML help through Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.
  • If you can't compile it, just send us translated HTML files.

    HTML Help Project : help230128.zip

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