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How to create a transparent GIF/PNG?

You have to specify a transparent color of each frame to create an image with transparent background.

1 Let's create a transparent GIF/PNG from this image.
2 Click Properties in File menu.
3 Check Disable Transparency of Bottom Layer on.
4 Click Properties button.
5 Check Transparent Color on.
6 Click Eyedropper button.
7 Click a point which has a pixel for transparent color.
8 Click Save As or Save a Copy in File menu and save an image as GIF or PNG format.

How to make a selection transparent?

You have to specify a transparent color of current layer to make a selection transparent.

1 Click Properties button of current layer.
2 Check Transparent Color on.
3 Click Eyedropper button.
4 Click a point which has a pixel for transparent color.
5 Make a selection using Rectangular Selection tool.
6 Move the selection over other image and confirm transparent color is valid.
7 If the Transparent option is invalidated...
8 Any pixels are not transparent.

It seems that the onion-skin doesn't work.

The onion-skin is the feature to display pixels of the next or previous frame on transparent pixels of the current frame. Therefore, you must set the transparent color of each frame.

Where is the eraser tool?

GraphicsGale does not have the eraser tool.
All you have to do is painting a canvas with a background color.

GraphicsGale treats one of colors as transparent area.
Layers and frames can have their transparent color.

If a transparent color of a layer is set, the area filled with that
color is transparent and its under layers are visible.

A transparent color of a frame is applied as a transparent color of an
image file which supports transparency such as a GIF.

Why is a transparent color invalidated after a selected image is fixed?

If an image has an alpha-channel, a transparent color of a layer is invalidated.
If you don't need an alpha-channel, invalidate an alpha-channel with any one of the following ways.
  • Click Delete Alpha Channel in Image menu.
  • Invalidate an alpha-channel button. In this way, an alpha-channel is invalidated but is not deleted.

How to purchase?

You may purchase GraphicsGale at HumanBalance Download Store.
  1. Please order GraphicsGale at here.You may pay via credit card or PayPal, we accept VISA, MasterCard, and Diners.
  2. We will send you download information for registration software after you pay.
  3. Please run the registration software.

How much does it cost to upgrade?

Bug fix or minor upgrade is free.
Please download a latest version, and install it over current version. Any procedures are not needed for the upgrade.
Major upgrade will cost. In that case, we will announce at this site.

I can't find a registration software.
(old user : I can't find password for registration)

Please submit form to download a registration software.

Can I use GraphicsGale for commercial purpose?

Yes. You can use the GraphicsGale, includes the free version, for any purpose, even commercially.
Besides, it's not necessary to pay a royalty.
For inquiries about the GraphicsGale please send email to gale@humanbalance.net

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