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How to create a transparent GIF/PNG?

You have to specify a transparent color of each frame to create an image with transparent background.

1 Let's create a transparent GIF/PNG from this image.
2 Click Properties in File menu.
3 Check Disable Transparency of Bottom Layer on.
4 Click Properties button.
5 Check Transparent Color on.
6 Click Eyedropper button.
7 Click a point which has a pixel for transparent color.
8 Click Save As or Save a Copy in File menu and save an image as GIF or PNG format.
9 For PNG, you can also save an image as a PNG with alpha channel.

How to make a selection transparent?

You have to specify a transparent color of current layer to make a selection transparent.

1 Click Properties button of current layer.
2 Check Transparent Color on.
3 Click Eyedropper button.
4 Click a point which has a pixel for transparent color.
5 Make a selection using Rectangular Selection tool.
6 Move the selection over other image and confirm transparent color is valid.
7 If the Transparent option is invalidated...
8 Any pixels are not transparent.

Where is the eraser tool?

GraphicsGale does not have the eraser tool.
All you have to do is painting a canvas with a background color.

GraphicsGale treats one of colors as transparent area.
Layers and frames can have their transparent color.

If a transparent color of a layer is set, the area filled with that
color is transparent and its under layers are visible.

A transparent color of a frame is applied as a transparent color of an
image file which supports transparency such as a GIF.

Why is a transparent color invalidated after a selected image is fixed?

If an image has an alpha-channel, a transparent color of a layer is invalidated.
If you don't need an alpha-channel, invalidate an alpha-channel with any one of the following ways.
  • Click Delete Alpha Channel in Image menu.
  • Invalidate an alpha-channel button. In this way, an alpha-channel is invalidated but is not deleted.

Can I use GraphicsGale for commercial purpose?

Yes. You can use the GraphicsGale for any purpose, even commercially.
Besides, it's not necessary to pay a royalty.
For inquiries about the GraphicsGale please send email to gale@humanbalance.net

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